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The Creation of Brooke & Kat

Many of you may question, why someone with a degree in nursing would start an clothing boutique? (Insert weird picture of me on a long night shift, lol)


I LOVE clothing. I LOVE selling clothing. I LOVE making other women feel pretty in the clothes they are wearing. I get so much pleasure out of hearing how much someone loves the item they ordered and how great they feel in it. 

Although I have always had a long love with clothes, more so casual fashion, my love for clothing really started to grow when I joined a direct sales company to sell clothing. I needed to do a serious revamp of my closet. After having three kids, my closet was seriously outdated. This was a great way to obtain some new pieces basically for free or at a little cost. Doing this allowed me to learn so many great things about the fashion industry, suppliers, and running my own business etc. 

It was on a rare date night with my husband in Saskatoon that we got into a conversation regarding my feelings with the direct sales company I was part of. The conversation then lead into me opening my own online clothing boutique. Something I really had not considered as an option. However, not even a week later I had my business name reserved and purchased. I guess I was pretty excited about the possibly of me having control of the products I choose to offer my customers. My husband didn't see it coming so quickly. Before he knew it I had started ordering inventory. I was ready to go! I had the storage room decluttered, cleaned and organized. Business cards and labels was all becoming a new exciting reality. I will admit, a bit scary too. 

This is just the start of our journey. I have many plans and goals that I can't wait to implement into this growing company. Baby steps are important and valuable and I will learn from every mistake I make and grow with it. Thank you for sharing in our journey. We promise to make every purchase a great one!

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